About Us

European_UnionWho are we and what we do?

After spending years in web development with Joomla and WordPress projects we decided to start our own hosting service. The reason for this is that very often we saw simple problems and misconfigurations or limitations on many other hosting providers which result on various problems for the customers of our web apps. After working with many of our clients to help them resolve their issues with their current providers, we saw an opportunity to grow our business and offer more services to our clients. This way we ensure trouble free experience of our customers on our optimized servers.

Why choouse us?

  1. We are ready to match your current hosting price.
  2. We will move your site for free to our host ensuring 0 downtime.
  3. We have over 10 years experience in web development and 6+ years in the hosting business.
  4. Support is live 365 days per year and 7 days per week.
  5. We offer free Cloud backup to all our customers, ensuring secure data storage
  6. We offer variety of payment methods including all sorts of cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, DarkCoin, DOGE and RIPE.

 What are we offering?

Shared hosting

We offer cPanel based semi-dedicated shared managed web hosting service. It’s a full feature hosting plan with everything you might need including:

  1. SVN
  2. GIT
  3. MemCache
  4. Lame audio codec
  5. Developer friendly tools
  6. Latest cPanel
  7. Latest MySQL
  8. Latest PHP
  9. Free cloudflare support
  10. Dedicated IPs

Our shared hosting plans are optimized for great performance and user experience with latest WordPress, Joomla and Drupal CMS systems. We are offering a high memory and practically no cpu usage limit. Our servers have modern hardware and we use data replication via RAID, also all our clients are backed up to Amazon S3 cloud.

Cloud SSD VPS Servers

If you need a high performance cloud VPS to host your project with practically unlimited scalability, this is the best way to go. We are offering complete 30 day backup. The vps servers can be ordered with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and we even offer pre-installed LAMP environment / cPanel if needed. With just a few clicks you can start your very own full featured powerful and high performance cloud vps server. They are perfect for creating your own cloud infrastructure with software solutions like ownCloud.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are based in Germany in one of the largest datacenters in Europe. If you need a managed server with complete root access, control panel, emails, web server and/or custom software this is the best solution for your company. Our support staff is always available to help you manage your server, fix problems and give you tips for your web apps.

What are the benefits of using our servers?

  1. Unlimited traffic
  2. 1Gbit port
  3. Data redundency
  4. Latest control panels
  5. Guaranteed compatibility with latest web technologies
  6. Professional support 365 days of the year
  7. 99.9 Uptime guarantee

Want to know more?

Please contact us over the contact form with your questions and we will reply promptly.


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